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  • Allison Chaney

    “I loved my work site with the program. I learned how to serve customers, keep inventory, as well as do a little accounting. The program showed me every day how flexible and independent owning your own business can make you. One thing I have to admit is I learned something new just about every class. The tips on interviews, meeting potential clients, and presenting in front of people were all skills I never formally learned. Yet I find myself using them every day now”
  • Alexis Johnson

    “Touched by your thoughtfulness; Lifted by your kindness; Renewed by your goodness. And very, very thankful. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to shine. I hope one day my little business, Heavenly Piece of Cake, will prosper and thrive. Thank you again. I appreciate everything!!!”.

  • Josue Pierrilus

    “My name is Josue. I attended this program over the summer and it was the best choice I made. I learned a lot about the business and the entrepreneur’s world and specially the difference between them. I also had to opportunity to intern with the house of Representative Mack Bernard which was a superb experience. Thanks to GBDC and mi Madre Annette Gray”.

  • Anonymous student

    Hi Mrs. Annette!!I just want to tell you how much your advice on Interviewing you gave yesterday Help Today, I only have eight months in this country, I have always dreamed of being a model, but the first time I applied I didn’t have skills to defend myself in the interview… last night I tried again, an agency called me they asked me 15 questions for the interview , the fourth one was IF YOU BECAME PART OF NSA AGENCY HOW WILL YOU ‘ ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING WE ASK YOU TO DO????
    I just said (like you said yesterday) Well!!! My answer for you sir is I’ll try because in the beginning of the interview I told you I do not have experience but, I am proactive, I learn quickly everything you teach me even though it’s for only one time I’ll embrace it and do the best I can…. Because that is my dream and I am motivated.
    You know what happened the interviewer said okay, you are so smart let me ask you a last question because you convinced me…