Thursday, July 21, 2016


4:00 PM Doors open, (Registration networking, pitch the media, video vignettes
5:30 PM Welcome Remarks Steven B Grant (Boynton Beach Mayor)
5:40 PM Introduction of Allan Hendricks & Political Panel Annette Gray Video Message from Commissioner Taylor
6:15-6:45PM Introduction of Annette Gray & Funding Panel Allan Hendricks
6: 50-7:20PM Introduction of Elizabeth Burrows & Contracts & Procurement Annette Gray (Break 10 minute pitch the editor video vignettes)
7:30-8:00PM Introduction of Kate Volman & Media Panel Elizabeth Burrows
8:00-8:30PM Introduction of Jim Reidy & Inventors & New Product Panel Kate Volman
8:30PM Closing Remarks Annette Gray
8:35PM Close Vendor Breakdown

Political Candidates Panel

Panelists: Political candidates discussing their views on economic development, small businesses & minimum wage

Political Panel

Political Panel

Political Panel

Political Panel

Political Panel

Political Panel

Political Panel

Funding Panel

Panelists: representatives for funding products including factoring, grants, business loans, SBA micro loans, Invoice Lending, venture capital and crown funding.

Annette Gray

Ed T. McGann

Lia Gaines

Tim Thompson

Christopher Noe

Rainford Knight

Bob Fitts

Kurt Valmond

Corporate & Government Procurement/Contracting Panel

Panelists: Prime Contractors, Corporations, Government Procurement Agents discussing, the certification process and best practices for leveraging each certification. This panel is design to give all of the perspectives surrounding leveraging certification and building vendor relationships with corporate and government entities.

Elizabeth Burrows

Mary Wong

Tracy Smith


Bruce Lewis

Steve Michael

Tonya Davis Johnson

Marketing and Media Panel

Panelists:local news outlet, magazines and newspapers editors’ radio and TV producers discuss how to leverage local media to grow your business.

Kate Volman

Ryan Boylston

Antonio Fins

Joe Raineri

Inventors & Product Development Panel

Panelists: Inventors, Engineers, Manufactures, Investors, discussing how to get your idea made marketed and in stores.

Jim Reidy

David Alexander

Carolyn Keane

Gabriel Goldstein

About GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute

GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute is a nonprofit 501 c (3) organization that strives to create Social Entrepreneurs of all ages, through cultural, artistic and professional development. We also create a platform where individuals can improve their socio-economic status. For over ten years the GBDCEI team has delivered programing from a traditional bricks and mortar office. GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute is looking to establish a Mobile Entrepreneurship & Leadership Training Program (M.E.L.T.) that will expand the reach of the organization and its strategic alliance partners in Florida. Programming addresses the state’s need for qualified and skilled talent. M.E.L.T. is a program that provides coaching, mentoring and business resources to individuals; looking to start or grow a business, develop a career and convertible professional skills. Always ready to encourage and support a dream, GBDCEI is now poised to become the foremost and the only mobile unit to offer financial empowerment and economic development solutions. We are proud to introduce an opportunity that allows you to help:
  • Reduce crime
  • Reduce the high school dropout rate
  • Provide technology training for seniors
  • Create jobs for drop outs convicted felons, single parents
  • Provide technical assistance for small business and Entrepreneurs
  • Provide job re-entry skills for drop outs, convicted felons, single parents & seniors.
Programs are designed to:
  • Provide opportunities for career instruction, financial literacy counseling, academic improvement, and social growth
  • Reduce the number of criminal offenses that are increased during the summer by youths without employment, school or parental guidance/structure
  • Introduce participants to the concept of being an entrepreneur
  • Create opportunities for participants to gain hands-on work experience while emphasizing real-world labor expectations
  • Provide opportunities for mentoring by industry professionals
Funding... As a nonprofit organization, GBDCEI invests every penny of income over expenses in developing, and implementing programs for the communities it serves. Ninety percent (90%) of our funders are repeat funders and renewed again and again through a unique spirit of giving, a relationship characterized by people caring for the youth who will eventually care for them. Thanks to financial support from several foundations and government, quasi government entities, voluntary financial support—philanthropy— have paved the way for this expansion. Most recently, both the Police Departments of Boynton and Delray Beach committed funding that allowed GBDCEI to exand our summer youth program and our Kid-preneur leadership Acapdemy and helped us reach our goal. Highlights include:
  • Over $5,000 in cash prizes to program participants
  • Program expansion statewide
  • 10% Increased number of program participants
  • 15% increase in Mentors and internship host organizations
The question of how GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute will deliver mobile, relevant and affordable services to do more for young adults, families and communities rest with your support. Please make your gift today. 561-894-4510 www.gbdcei.comReduce unemployment